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MOBILE Caterers in Townsville


Here at Magnum's Catering, our professional staff are well-trained and committed to excellence. Each of our menu items has been chosen with care, based on current trends in parties and weddings, and what our local guests enjoy most. All items have been spit roasted to bring out their natural flavours, and we source our ingredients from local farms and merchants to ensure that everything is always fresh and delicious. We only choose the highest grade foods, so you can rest assured that your menu will be the talk of the event.

Why choose MAGNUM'S CATERING over the others?

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It’s easy: we care about the finished product. While you might find “discount” caterers out there, their lower prices are a reflection of a lower grade of food. That means your savings will be taken right out of the food budget, and this is what you will be serving to your guests. We offer the best prices for premium, high-quality, and locally sourced foods that will leave your guests coming back for more! And we leave all leftovers with the host, so you will have plenty left to enjoy for yourself once the event is over.

We’ve been caterers for more than 20 years, serving the Townsville, Mackay and Innisfail areas. Our reputation has been built on the fact that we only provide superior food, professional servers and prompt service. We’ll arrive at your event 4 hours in advance to make sure everything is just right, and we’ll spit roast all items right there on your premises, so you can be sure nothing is reheated—it’s all made fresh!

We know that you’ll love our catering services for your wedding, corporate event, party, or shower. We can even provide party rentals, so you can have beautiful decorations and outdoor coverings to complete your event. Call now to book your initial appointment and tasting.