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Functions catering in Townsville


If you’re planning a function or event, then you need Magnum's Catering to make it a success. While decorations, music, and lighting can help set the mood of your functions, the food is what will really get people talking. Everybody knows that the best part of any gathering is the food! We will help you choose the right menu for your functions, either from or pre-planned menus or you can mix and match items to perfectly customise your offerings to accommodate your party theme and your budget.

MAgnums Christmas Menus

We have 3 special Christmas menus that is sure to satisfy your guests. This includes an Aussie Christmas BBQ, Christmas Roast and Christmas Feast. This includes Magnums staff cook, carve and serve. Includes a range of Spit Roasted Meats, Vegetables/Salad Banquets, BBQ Rib Fillets, Prawns, Seasoned Roast Chickens and more! Download our menus below for more information.



Classic bbq

For the BBQ lover, this is a classic selection of 3 succulent, tender meats accompanied by a range of flavoursome sauces and 6 fresh and tasty salads. Add freshly baked bread with real butter to this mouth watering lineup and your guests will have a fine and hearty feast. There is always the option of adding hot or cold canapés at $5 per head to kick things off.


Gourmet finger foods

Take your guests on a tour of taste sensations starting with a Ploughman’s grazing table of appetisers and finishing with a delicious epicurean feast of flavours which includes duck, calamari kebabs and arancini to name just a few. Cheeses, deli meats, dips, breads, fruits, nuts, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cocktail onions



gourmet pizza & pasta

A special selection of chef’s choice pizzas plus all the classics, baked fresh on site in our pizza ovens. Includes a couple of delicious pasta dishes, a fresh tossed salad and warm garlic bread for that authentic Italian experience. Elevate the experience by adding cold nibble platters at $3.50 per head, hot nibbles at $5 per head or 3 gourmet desserts at $3 per head.


roman feast banquet

For the full Roman feast experience, a gourmet spread starting with grazing platters and hot canapés. Featuring an array of 3 decadent meat dishes, 5 gourmet side accompaniments and freshly baked bread with real butter. Add to that a chef’s selection of delectable desserts and you have the ultimate Roman feast.


gourmet bbq

Take your BBQ to a whole new level with an assortment of 4 premium quality meats where there is something to suit everyone. Add to that 6 delicious gourmet salads, freshly baked bread and a selection of 4 tantalising desserts. Take it up another notch by adding hot or cold canapé starters at $5 per head.



Roast banquet

One from the carvery for the traditional roast enthusiast. A serving of roast meats with gravy, roast vegetables and a selection of 5 classic salads and freshly baked rolls. Add a platter of cold nibbles at $3.50 per head or a platter of hot nibbles at $5 per head. Give your guests the ultimate finish with dessert at $3 per head.


Whole Pig Banquet

Succulent whole pig with crackling, spit roasted to juicy tender perfection and coupled with gravy, apple sauce and potatoes. Freshly baked bread with real butter and 6 sublime salads completes the main course. Add cold nibbles at $3.50 per head or hot nibble platters at $5 per head. For the ultimate finish add 3 gourmet desserts at $3 per guest.


finger foods

Treat your guests to a variety of finger foods starting with a cold spread of selected cheeses, meats, breads, dips, fruits and marinated vegetables. Follow this up with an array of hot canapés and dipping sauces. Cheeses, deli meats, breads, dips, crackers, cabanossi, fruits & marinated vegetables




The perfect menu for a casual, all you can eat event. A mouthwatering selection of all the classics, prepared and baked fresh on site in our pizza ovens. Pizza banquet includes garlic bread. Add a starter if cold nibbles at $3.50 per guest or hot nibble platters at $5 per guest.


Gourmet Banquet

Your guests will love our specialised catering menu which includes tea and coffee on arrival, morning tea and afternoon options of scones, cakes, fruit cake, sandwiches and more. We also have Aussie BBQ selections, Sit down menus which are great for Gala dinners and a wide range of canape options. Click below more information on our extensive catering menu.

Who needs function catering?

Function Catering — Catering Services in Deerugan,QLD
Nearly anyone can use functions catering at one time or another. Whether you are planning a birthday bash for a loved one, or you’re having a baby shower for someone special, we can help you choose the right menu for your get together to ensure it is in keeping with your themes, affordable and, of course, delicious.

We get our ingredients from local sources, and are a true mobile catering business—in that we spit roast your selections on site. That way you know you’re getting something fresh, hot and delicious.

Need something else? We offer a wide range of party hire and decoration services to help make your event complete. Whether you need a full turnkey solution, or you need simple functions catering only, we are here for you every step of the way. We also have a range of bar and coffee items to give you options for a variety of drink services—whether you want an open bar or hot beverages.
Call now to schedule your first appointment and consultation. We will help you plan your full menu, schedule a tasting and get going on your party presentation right away.